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Service questions

Which cities do you currently service?
We are currently servicing London, Kitchener, Waterloo, and Cambridge. Our expansion plan is to grow across all of Ontario in 2021.
What type of gas do you offer?
We currently offer two types of fuel: Regular gasoline (87 Octane) and Premium gasoline (91 Octane).
What is the price of fuel?
Our fuel prices are set on a daily basis depending on our buy rates. With that being said, we try to stay as competitive as possible to the gas stations in the areas we service. You can see our fuel prices listed in our app.
Are there any fees associated with your service?
We charge a small flat delivery fee depending on the area you live in. There are no other fees outside of that.
How safe is your service?
There are 120,000 violent crimes and thefts that can happen at gas stations every year, but with us, we come to you and all payments are made via the app. Our team of professionals are trained and certified.
Is your service bad for the environment?
The gasoline you receive will be of the highest quality and will have an ethanol content of up to 10% made from Ontario corn. Also, because you are not driving to a gas station, you will be reducing CO2 emissions.

App questions

How do I turn on location services on my phone?
For an iPhone, go to Settings > Privacy > Location Services. Make sure Location Services is switched on, and scroll until you find the Refuel Mobile app listings. Tap the app and select While Using.

For an Android, go to Settings > Location Services or Location Access. From here you can toggle on the location services your phone offers.
Where can I see my receipt?
After fuel is successfully delivered, we will send you an email with your receipt attached to it. You can also view past orders or pending orders under My Orders in the Profile section of the app.
Can I save multiple locations?
Yes under the My Locations area in the Profile section of the app you can add multiple locations which can speed up your order time. For example, you can have one location for Work and another one for Home.
How do I pay for gas?
Payments are made through the ReFuel Mobile app. When you create your account, you will enter your credit card information. We will let you know the exact amount your card was charged after your car has been filled.
How does the referral program work?
When you share your code with a friend, they will receive $5 off on their next fuel order. Once they order fuel for the first time, you as well will then receive $5 off that you can use towards your next order.
Can I add multiple vehicles?
Yes, simply navigate to the My Cars section and you can add as many vehicles there as you want. You can also give each vehicle nick names and add a photo to each one.

Fuel delivery questions

How do I know when the driver is on the way?
Our app will send you a push notification on your phone to let you know when our driver is on the way to fill your vehicle. This will also remind you to leave your gas door open and to make sure your vehicle is not stored underground or in a garage.
How do you find my car?
When you create your account in the ReFuel Mobile app, we will gather your vehicle information (including make, model, colour and license plate). When you request a fill up, the app will drop a pin to your location and we will easily be able to find your car.
How do you access my gas tank to fill it?
Because most cars have gas tank doors that lock when the passenger doors are locked, you will need to pop your tank door open after you make a request for a refill. If it is closed when we arrive, we will reach out via text message to let you know.
How do I know when my tank has been filled up?
After we finished filling up your tank, you will receive a notification to let you know that your tank is now full. You will also be notified of the amount your card was charged, and how much fuel was put in your tank.
Can I place an order for 2 vehicles at the same time?
Yes as a matter of fact you can! We can deliver to more than one vehicle at the same time. All you have to do is select every vehicle you want to include in your order when ordering fuel. And don't worry, we will only charge you for one delivery fee.
Can you fill my car underground or in a garage?
As much as we'd love to, there are laws in Canada and Ontario that don't allow fuelling of vehicles in enclosed spaces. Make sure when you order gas your vehicle is not parked underground or in a garage.

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