MyTank by ReFuel Mobile

Have fuel ready when you need it.

A portable solar powered fuel tank that is ready to provide fuel when you want it.

Take control of your fuel consumption.

Solar powered
Built to be 100% powered by solar energy but also includes battery backup.
MyTank comes with our backed 1 year limited warranty on parts and labour.
Long reach
Comes with a 12 foot hose and nozzle designed to reach larger vehicles or water docks.
Fuel capacity
MyTank comes in 670 litres, 1340 litres, 2200 litres or 4500 litres tank sizes. Premium or Regular fuel.
Safe & Secure
Built to the Underwriters Laboratories of Canada standards. MyTank includes a lockable nozzle and fill lid.
Free delivery
Every MyTank comes with free delivery and set up. We also ensure it is being placed in a safe location.

Fuel on demand

Regular and Premium fuel at your fingertips.

MyTank is built with safety in mind meaning that it passes all certifications, standards and regulations. Our team will work with you to discuss delivery, placement, and requirements. There are certain criteria you have to meet depending on your municipality.

Place the tank in your yard.

Whether it's a construction site, farm land, or in your own backyard, our tank requires no power and is ready to pump fuel when you need it.

No power required

Solar powered gas station in your backyard.

Quit worrying about having fuel when you need it. MyTank by ReFuel Mobile will solve that problem. The solar powered fuel tank comes with a 12 volt pump with filter, 12 foot hose and nozzle, and battery backup. The tank has a locking mechanism on it to keep the nozzle locked and fill lid when not in use.

The only portable tank that runs on solar power.

Keep your fuel locked and secured and available always to you. Get rid of the jerry cans once and for all.

Our tanks come in many sizes.

Choose from over 4 different sizes and we'll have it delivered and set up for you.

670 litres
1,340 litres
2,200 litres
4,500 litres

Get your MyTank today.