The best perk
you can give your employees.

Give your employees the ability to get fuel at work at a competitively cheaper rate.

How does it work?

Get setup with our team
We start with a few documents that we sign together including a credit application and contract. Our team will provide details regarding our safety, environmental, and other certifications that will provide you with peace of mind while we deliver fuel to your parking lot. 
Communicate internally
We would determine a weekly time slot to visit your workplace and service your employees’ vehicles. With your help, we would communicate this new perk to your employees and provide them with a discount code unique to your workplace. Your employees would use this code to order gas on your weekly refuel day. 
Ordering fuel
We would notify all employees the day before and the day of our fuel delivery to remind them to place their order of fuel via our mobile application. The employee would identify exactly where their vehicle is located in the parking lot and would be notified when their vehicle has been filled. Their credit card details would need to be set up in the application as well for payment.
Paying for gas
All employees are responsible for paying for their own fuel via our mobile application. Once the fuel is delivered, they will receive an email with their invoice. It's that easy.

6 reasons why you should get this perk.

Looking for ways to improve your overall employee morale? Why not give them the gift of cheaper gas and free delivery?

Reduce some stress

Save time and reduce stress for your employees. Not rushing in the morning or having to fill up in traffic after work will save time and reduce stress for your employees.

Turn your lot into a gas station

Our cars are parked 90% of the day and ReFuel Mobile aims to take advantage of that. Fill up during work and leave with a full tank. Minimize time spent in traffic and get home sooner. 

Give your employees time back

Let your employees spend their break how they want, rather than having to that time to get gas. Allow us to come on site and refuel their cars while you contribute to a more social workforce.

Contribute to a greener future

Every fill up our truck completes saves on average 1.4 lb of CO2 emissions. Contribute to a greener future collectively as a company and let us bring the gas to you.

Accessible to everyone

A perk that will make life easier for everyone at work, especially those who are differently abled.

Safer solution especially now

Help your employees skip the gas station during the pandemic. A gas station pump handle is 11,000 times dirtier than a toilet seat.

Let’s work together.

We're ready to be a part of your return-to-work program.

Give it a try today!

Why stop for gas? ReFuel Mobile is a new platform for ordering fuel for your car from the convenience of your phone.

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