About us

We're powering the future through data.

A better way to get fuel.

We're reinventing energy distribution with a cleaner solution.

Fuel Terminal

Our trucks source fuel directly from fuel terminals, reducing the need for large 18 wheelers.

ReFuel Mobile

Fuel is stored on our trucks, eliminating risk of underground storage leaks.


Bring the fuel directly to the customer, reducing additional emissions.


We have two missions. One for the world, and one for us.

Getting energy should be effortless. Our mission is to not only make that possible for business and consumers alike, but to do it in a way that benefits our planet. 

Expansion Plan

Began Ontario expansion plan including GTA and Hamilton.

New App

Completed refresh of app to include new features including push notifications.

Launched new dealership portal

Developed and launched car dealership portal to manage orders and track past orders.

Secured $2.5 million in seed investment

Fuel delivery app ReFuel Mobile raises $2.5 Million to expand their footprint and technology.

Launched 2nd Truck in London, Ontario

Added a second truck to help service B2B customers within London and surrounding areas.

5,000 Customers

Successfully reached 5,000 customers using the mobile application.

$1 Million in Sales

ReFuel Mobile hit its first official major milestone of $1 million in sales in April of 2019.

Launched in Kitchener

Began expansion plan with second truck focusing on Kitchener as well as Waterloo and Cambridge.

1,000 Customers

Successfully reached 1,000 customers using the mobile application.

Launched in London

Officially launched first truck in London, Ontario with the a mobile application for iOS and Android.

The Firsts

ReFuel Mobile gained its first app order, first full-time employee, first dealership account (Ray Cullen), and first fleet account (Priority Mechanical).

Built 1st Truck

Completed successful build of first truck with no safety measure missed and rigorous attention to detail.

TSSA Approval

ReFuel obtains its Technical Standards & Safety Authority certification for approval of operation after inspection.

What we're most proud of.

Canadian made trucks.

Our trucks are equipped to make sure nothing goes wrong. Licensed with Canadian Fuels Certification, Certification with Transportation of Dangerous Goods and certified weights and measures, these are some of the many ways we have made sure our truck, and drivers are ready to make sure everything goes right.

Customer built application.

We've developed a platform for ordering fuel for your car from the convenience of your phone. The app is designed to allow customers to submit and manage their orders, provide the exact location of their vehicle(s), and track track their orders. Many of the features are built from direct customer feedback.

Small and nimble team.

Small but mighty. Our team is filled with experts in every area from the Oil & Gas industry to Business Operations to Tech. This allows us to stay focused on our mission and more importantly on our customers.

Started in Canada and expanding globally.

We're on a mission to transform the fuel industry by creating a better way to get fuel through the power of data.


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