companies that fuel their fleets with us

Getting set up is really easy.

Don’t let fuel be a distraction in your busy day. Start your drivers’ day right with ReFuel Mobile.
Sign up and complete application form
We ask all our customers to complete a contract and credit application. This helps protect everyone involved and ensures we have a mutual understanding of when and how we will be refuelling your fleet.
Schedule your fuel delivery
We will work with your team to provide a dedicated time slot for filling up your vehicles. Delivery frequency is entirely up to you, meaning that if you want us to come daily, we can make that happen. After hours and weekend service is also available. We're pretty flexible.
We deliver on-site(s)
Depending on if you have one location or more, we come to your site and refuel all your vehicles while our drivers track how many litres go into each vehicle. All we ask is to keep the gas doors open and we will do the rest. 
Paying for fuel delivered
When we complete your refuelling, we send you an invoice with a breakdown of litres filled per vehicle, which can be paid via either credit card or pre-authorized payment. It’s that easy. 

Refuelling on the job is a thing of the past.

Our team will work with your fleet manager to ensure your vehicles are always filled and ready to go. We can come on-site and have your fleet ready for tomorrow’s shift. 

Manage your fuel costs at the company level and minimize paperwork.

With ReFuel Mobile, your company will be able to manage fuel costs, improve fleet maintenance, increase productivity, and save up to $1,500 per vehicle every year.

What our customers say.

"When I first heard of ReFuel, I was hesitant in signing up because I knew there would be some hidden fees and we'd be paying more than the pump. Sounded too good to be true but there's no extra fees and they're always there if you have any questions or need to make any changes."
Jeff McColl
Beachcomber London

Complete layout control — without coding

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Craft custom interactions and animations

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Not convinced? Here's some more amazing features.

Minimize wear and tear
Quit adding unnecessary mileage to your fleet. Every kilometre adds up.
Save on labour costs
Recover employee hours wasted/lost at the gas station and have more time to work on more important things.
Theft reduction
We don't like talking about it, but it happens. Increase security and eliminate company credit cards and gas cards.
Fuel management
Track every dollar spent on fuel by receiving one invoice after every fill. No more receipts and extra paperwork.
Safety first
Don't use employee time to fill up vehicles, our drivers are 100% certified and professionally trained.
Greener future
Every refuel we complete saves 1.4 lb of CO2 emissions. 

Make the switch.

Join other businesses that have switched to ReFuel Mobile and experience a better way to get fuel.