Companies that Fill Their fleets with us

No more filling up on the job.

No more sending out drivers before or after work to get fuel. No more gas cards and unneccessary expense reports. With ReFuel Mobile, the gasoline for your fleet vehicles will come right to your parking lot.

BeachComber stays fuelled up.

Learn how Jeff and team are benefiting from switching to ReFuel Mobile.


Why Use ReFuel For Your Fleet Vehicles?

Don't pump on the job.

Our team will work with your fleet manager to ensure the vehicles on your lot are filled and ready to go. We can come on site and get all your vehicles filled up and ready for tomorrows shift.

Manage fuel costs.

With ReFuel Mobile, your company will be able to manage fuel costs, improve fleet maintenance, increase productivity, and save up to $1,500 per vehicle every year.

And Many More Amazing Features!

Minimize Wear & Tear

No more unnecessary mileage added to your fleet vehicles.

Save On Labour

Eliminate the wasted employee time spent going to the gas station, waiting and filling up.

Theft Reduction

Eliminate company credit cards and fuel cards out of circulation. Avoid having to deal with theft.

Fuel Management

Tracking every dollar spent on fuel and no longer requiring the need for gas cards.


No need to send out your own employees to fill up your vehicles, our drivers are professional trained.


Every fill up done by our Truck saves 1.4 lbs of CO2 emissions. Contribute to a greener future.

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